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Architects, planners and designers can now solve viewing and privacy issues without undermining the integrity of their creative vision.

Many window privacy film options will universally block or obscure vision. Only VisionControlFilm allows for careful control of viewing angles, going from clear to frosted and back again from set perspectives.

Innovative Privacy Film
for Windows

With VisionControlFilm, it’s possible to solve privacy issues for commercial and residential spaces without compromising view-through concepts for glass architecture. As the viewing angle changes, so does the transparency of the glass – transitioning by degrees from completely clear to frosted, or vice versa.

For example, a surface may be designed for a clear view from eye level, but a frosted appearance when viewed from a lower or higher angle. This could simultaneously help to reduce glare from the sun in a second floor conference room, offer privacy from passersby on the street, and allow an unobstructed view of the skyline from inside.


The best privacy control window films will subtly protect privacy while also enhancing the look and feel of the space and preserving the value of a room with a view.

With VisionControlFilm from LINTEC, you have a decorative privacy window film that not only provides important privacy benefits from controlled angles, but creates opportunities for creative expression, optical illusions, and visual impact.

Products in window displays might tantalizingly appear and disappear as foot traffic passes by. Logos and images in cutout designs could be revealed from certain perspectives, then vanish as the viewer moves on to another area. A glass walled office could have privacy when viewed from the end of the opposite hall, but still give occupants a clear view of a nearby door or elevator off to the side. Creative applications can unlock both functional and aesthetic value.


There are four types of VisionControlFilm, each allowing you to choose the area and viewing angle for the frosted appearance. The performance of VisionControlFilm is unaffected by light conditions, providing the same benefits and customized viewing angles by day and night..

With samples and technical guidance, you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Instead, accredited installers will work with you on the survey and decision process. Then they’ll carry out the installation and make sure you’re satisfied with the result.

Installer expertise means you can choose your film with confidence and get the durable performance you expect from every quality LINTEC product.


Window film for privacy is at its best when you can customize the level of privacy you’re looking for. VisionControlFilm is a simple, non-intrusive way to control visibility from inside, outside, above or below. Choose your own viewing angles with this durable and scratch-resistant privacy film, which can be safely cleaned with soap, water, and a squeegee, just like normal glass.

Avoid abrasives, which could cause damage. If the film does get damaged at any point, installers can easily remove it and reapply a new piece, to keep the space looking beautiful and preserve privacy.

Ready to find out what VisionControlFilm from LINTEC can do for your next building project? Get a product sample today, and take a look at the options and ideas to choose from.

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