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Permanent and Removable Adhesives

Permanent & Removable Adhesives

Permanent adhesives can be removed by qualified installers. Removable adhesives range from semi-permanent to clings.

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6 Benefits of Recycled Window Films

LINTEC is a premier manufacturer of window films, and recycled window films are no different. We offer window graphics made of 80% or more recycle...

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Eco-friendly printable window graphics

Eco-Friendly Window Graphics Don’t Sacrifice Quality or Your Budget

Lintec strives for environmental consciousness, which is why we offer our clients high-quality, eco-friendly window graphics. Pictured above, our ...

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Beautiful eco-friendly printed window film

Create Eco-Friendly Designs in Style With Recycled Window Graphics

This graphic is an exceptional case study in the quality of Lintec’s eco-friendly window graphics. This recycled polyester window film is made u...

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What To Consider When Purchasing Digital Window Graphics

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