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Achieve your architectural vision with Digital Window Graphics

Group 35

Permanent & Removable

Group 36

Optical Clarity

Group 37

UV Curable Printing

Group 38

Eco-Solvent Printing

Group 39

Scratch Resistance

Architectural Window Design

With LINTEC’s Digital Window Graphics, you can decorate your windows and other glass surfaces with just about any design, color, texture, or branding you can think of. Our products offer architects the opportunity to:

  • Create a visual impact that draws people’s attention
  • Enhance privacy via frosted or tinted textures
  • Design unique branding opportunities (company logos, mission statements)
  • Create exciting optical illusions

Incorporate Digital Window Graphics into your architectural design process by requesting a free swatch book today.

Architectural Window Films

With the right architectural window film, an architect can elevate a traditional space into something new and exciting. Our products include:

Group 30@2x

Scratch Resistant Glass Finishes

Permanent and semi-permanent installations of scratch resistant glass finishes can protect critical glass constructions from the typical wear and tear of daily life.

Group 27@2x

Optically Clear Glass Finishes

Optically clear glass finishes can be printed to meet the building owner’s specifications. They are ideal for POP displays but can also be installed as part of a building’s permanent aesthetic.

Group 29@2x

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Glass Finishes

Some clients may wish to keep their windows and glass bare for temporary displays in the future. Others may wish to install privacy films, UV blocking films, or custom window graphics and maintain them for several years. Keeping a wide range of temporary and permanent glass finishes in your library will ensure you are prepared for any type of installation.

Group 25@2x

UV Blocking Glass Finishes

UV blocking window film can protect those inside a building from some of the harmful effects of direct sunlight. They’re also useful for protecting furniture, carpets, and valuable products from the fading effects of the sun.

Group 26@2x

Non-PVC Glass Finishes

Demand is on the rise for building products that are friendlier to the environment. Non-PVC printable window films provide an alternative to traditional vinyl films for architects, builders, and graphic specifiers.

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