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A picture is worth a thousand words. This may be a cliche by some standards, however, the use of LINTEC Digital Window Graphics in window setting brings space to life.

A sense of drama and style can be captured using LINTEC Digital Window Graphics because graphics can be displayed using optically clean window film. Window and doors can be used for maximum illusion.

What LINTEC Digital Window Graphics can do for you:

  • Create impact to draw people into your store
  • Enhance privacy as a stylish room divider
  • Increase store/logo branding
  • Create optical illusion for maximum drama
  • Maximize UV protection

Many illusions can be created using LINTEC Digital Window Graphics such as:

  • Waterfalls
  • Exotic Gardens
  • Breathtaking Landscapes
  • Directional Queues and more click here for Gallery

Let your imagination lead you into the world of illusion and effect using LINTEC.

Digital Window Graphics!

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