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Overlaminate Window Films

ProductClear Overlaminate
Film Description
Applications GuideRoll Size
Inch x FT
01-2781 mil Gloss PET*
Overlaminate /
Perm Adhesive
Gloss PET for Standard Overlaminate Applications54,
61 x 150
Protect Outdoor 1.5 mil Gloss Fluoropolymer
Film / Perm Adhesive
Clear Film for Long Term Outdoor (Cast Vinyl Alternative)54 x 150
Protect Gloss2 mil SR Gloss PET*
Overlaminate / Perm
Adh for UV Ink
Scratch Resistant Gloss PET for Protection of ECO Films54,
61 x 150
Protect Satin
2 mil SR Satin PET*
Overlaminate /
Perm Adh for UV Ink
Satin PET (Anti-Graffiti & Anti-Glare) Protection of ECO Films60 x 150
G-033EN1004 mil Gloss PET*
Overlaminate / Perm Adhesive
Heavy Duty Gloss PET for Added Protection36,
61 x 164

Protect Gloss window films

Protect Gloss overlaminate films are compatible with the latest Inkjet printers, making it easy to customize these films to your exact needs. Whether you’re upgrading your conference room or storefront, Protect Gloss will make your window designs spring to life with a radiant, scratch resistant finish.

Overlaminate window films

Whether you’re looking for a smooth, satin finish or a scratch resistant gloss, we have the overlaminate window films you need. Browse our products below and request a free swatch book today.

Protect Satin window films

Our Protect Satin window films have a high coat weight adhesive that wraps around the relief height of UV Ink Jet prints.

This film’s signature look is an aesthetically appealing non-glossy, satin finish. This finish possesses a sharp luster that helps enhance your graphic images with striking sheen and definition. These graphics will also retain their vibrancy during all hours of the day.

What makes this product so distinct from other laminate graphic films is that when you place this on top of a solid black it stays in its original color whereas other films often turn black into gray. Satin graphic films keep blacks as close to their original form as possible for stark colors and vibrancy.

Graffiti resistant window films

Protect Satin films are graffiti resistant, so spray paint can be easily scraped away leaving your design in pristine condition. No chemicals, soap, or water needed – it simply scrapes away without damaging the films or window underneath. This is particularly useful for retail signage to keep your storefront clean and profitable.



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