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The Benefits of Digital Window Graphics for Commercial Printing


Permanent & Removable

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Optical Clarity

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UV Curable Printing

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Eco-Solvent Printing

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Scratch Resistance

Window Graphic Printing

LINTEC’s Digital Window Graphics helps print service providers produce digitally printed window films for applications in offices, schools, retail stores, and other commercial locations.

Our products are compatible with a variety of window film printing formats, including:

  • Wide Format Printers
  • Large Scale Printers
  • Commercial Inkjet Printers

The best window films for print service providers have three key characteristics: They use substrates that are easy to print on, they don’t buckle or scratch under pressure, and they are compatible with UV curable ink technology.

Request a free swatch book to see the quality of our digital printing films firsthand.

Printable Window FIlm

Digitally printed window film is all about what you want, which is why we offer a variety of materials that you can use to print your window films.

Here are just a few of the window film materials you’ll find:

  • Matte overlaminate window graphics with a non-glossy, satin finish
  • Eco-friendly window films made from no less than 80% recycled PET material
  • Optically clear and easily removable adhesives
  • Permanent adhesives that will last for years
  • And more!

Browse our full list of products to find the printable window film that fits your needs.

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