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The Benefits of Digital Window Graphics for Commercial Printing


Clean the Surface


Peel Off Protective Liner


Apply Installation Fluid


Perfectly Position Graphic


Squeegee Excess & Trim

Window Graphic Installation

The expertise of our accredited installers ensures the film is installed correctly, for maximum performance. We equip our window graphic installers with the tools and knowledge needed to know how to install window decals with precision:

  • No scratches or damage to the surface
  • No bubble, tears, or imperfections on the graphic
  • Perfect alignment and positioning of the graphic
  • Durable permanent graphics or easily removable semi-permanent graphics

Browse our wide range of products to find the perfect window graphic for your next project.

Application Kit for Window Graphic Installers

The LINTEC Application Kit provides the window graphic installation instructions and tools you need for a seamless installation. The kit includes:

  • A specially designed installation fluid
  • A squeegee that will not scratch your surface, and
  • An edge guide and razor to trim the graphic.

Learn more about how to install window graphics in our blog.

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