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Eco-Friendly Design

LINTEC’S Dedication to Eco-Friendly Manufacturing


Recycled Materials


Reduced Energy Consumption


Reduced CO2 Emissions


Eco-Friendly Window Designs


Reusable Materials

Eco-Friendly Design is Much More Than a Trend

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of eco-friendly products. A commitment to environmentally friendly design reduces your company’s carbon footprint, saves both natural and corporate resources, and differentiates your business from your competitors.

Architects, installers, and printers alike are investing in:

  • Eco-friendly office designs
  • Eco-friendly displays and store designs
  • Environmentally friendly building materials
  • Eco-friendly windows, including digital window graphics

Contact us today to learn more about incorporating eco-friendly window films into your office or commercial space.

Create Eco-Friendly Window Designs With ECO-2000 ZC

Eco-friendly is the way of the future. That’s why LINTEC is taking steps to develop more environmentally sustainable window films.

80_ Recycled PET Material_

80% Recycled PET Material

As part of LINTEC’s eco-friendly manufacturing initiative, the ECO-2000 ZC’s facestock is constructed with a minimum of 80% recycled PET material.

40_ Less Energy Consumption_

40% Less Energy Consumption

With the use of renewable and recyclable materials, our window films are manufactured with 40% less energy, making it the perfect product for eco-conscious architects.

High-Quality Films_

High-Quality Films

Our eco-friendly window films do not sacrifice quality. Not only will this product offer users remarkable durability, but it also sports improved see-through vision for maximum clarity.

Commitment to Innovation_

Commitment to Innovation

LINTEC is committed to producing new and intuitive products that not only provide customers with long-lasting window film but also helps raise awareness of sustainable manufacturing efforts in the graphic, print, and visual communication industries.


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