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Eco Solvent Window Films

Eco solvent printer compatibility

This line of privacy window films can be printed using eco-solvent materials. Since eco solvent ink is translucent, these window films can achieve a unique stained glass type of appearance.

Customizable privacy films

These window films reduce the transparency of glass, but still let bright sunlight in for a warm and welcoming environment. Thick frosted or solid stripes and designs can be printed onto these window films to add a touch of flair while maintaining privacy.

Add an overlaminate for scratch resistance

Add a protective overlaminate to these eco solvent films to maintain a sharp, clean design over the lifetime of the films. This makes these films perfect for high traffic or high touch areas like conference rooms, doors, hallways, and more.

Protect Outdoor 

Clear Overlaminate

Cast vinyl alternative for long
term outdoor use

Protect Gloss

Gloss Overlaminate

Scratch resistant gloss PET for
protection of ECO films  

Protect Satin AG 

Satin Overlaminate

Anti-graffiti & anti-glare for
maximum protection


It also makes it easy to install without damage, such as from squeegee applicators.


SR Coating protects
the non-image area

no coating

No SR Coating

Eco Solvent Window Films

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Product Eco Solvent / UV Curable
Clear Film Description
Applications Guide
(Eco Solvent / UV Curable)
Roll Size
Inch x FT
E-1000ZC 2 mil Topcoated PET*/
Permanent Adhesive /
PET Liner
Window Graphics.
Great solution for
Transparent Colors.
48 x 164
54 x 150
G-1100EC 2 mil Topcoated PET*/
No Adhesive
Overlays &
48 x 66
P-291ZW 3 mil High Quality
Calendered White Vinyl /
Perm Adhesive
Outdoor and Low
Temperature Applications.
61 x 164
1.5 mil Gloss Fluoropolymer
Film / Perm Adhesive 
Clear Film for Long Term
Outdoor (Cast Vinyl
54 x 150
2 mil SR Gloss PET*
Overlaminate /
Perm Adh for UV Ink 
Scratch Resistant Gloss PET
for Protection of ECO Films 
61 x 150
Satin AG 
2 mil SR Satin PET*
Overlaminate /
Perm Adh for UV Ink 
Satin PET (Anti-Graffiti &
Anti-Glare) Protection of
ECO Films
60 x 150


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