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Frequently Asked Questions

Does VisionControlFilm® work day and night?

Yes, the vision control is unaffected by light conditions.

How is the film applied?

It is ‘floated’ on to the glass. This method involves wetting the adhesive and the glass, the film is then applied and the water is squeegeed out. Most of the water will be expelled at this point but there is always a drying time which is dependent upon the room and glass temperature. It is typically 140 days for full cure.

Can I apply the film myself?

We strongly recommend it is installed by a Lintec Graphic Films accredited installation company to prevent (for example) creasing, dirt inclusions and poor fit/cutting quality. We can provide films on a supply-only basis but cannot be held responsible for poor end-quality.

I have a number of windows that require VisionControlFilm®. How do I obtain a quotation?

You can measure the sizes and select the correct film and we will supply a film-only price. This price will be subject to site survey where glass will be accurately measured and site conditions will be assessed.

I have 30 windows to film but would like to arrange a trial for one window. Is this possible?

Yes, for larger installations. Cost is subject to window size, orientation, product selection and location. We usually fit one or two trial panels for customer evaluation.

What installation standards do you work to?

We conform to GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) standards.

The roll width is 1250mm but my glass is wider. Can you join the film?

Yes, we can create a join but it will be visible, as a ± 1.5mm gap is required. Some customers accept the join and others fit a false mullion to overcome the issue.

Can you supply a different viewing angle?

It is technically possible but it is dependent upon volume. Please call us to discuss bespoke requirements.

How do I clean the film?

The film has a hard coated surface to prevent scratching by conventional cleaning. It can be cleaned with neutral ph soapy water and a squeegee, as with normal glass. Abrasives should be avoided.

I have damaged a piece of film. Can it be replaced?

Yes, the film can be removed from the glass by a Lintec Graphic Films accredited installation company and a new piece re-applied.

I would like to install part of the project now and the rest in a few months. Is this an issue?

The film is manufactured in batches and the angles of vision can vary slightly from batch-to-batch. If there is a risk that these could be viewed at the same time we would recommend all film is purchased from the same batch (the fitting could take place at different stages if required).

I have an application where the film would be used between glass or as an interlay between other films, is VisionControlFilm® suitable?

On special orders we are able to supply non-adhesive VisionControlFilm®, please contact us to discuss bespoke requirements.

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